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Welcome to Vellaquin! 

This party started 2018 and what was at first just a small gathering of ideas and dreams slowly but surly turned into a full blown celebration of colour, imagination and most importantly fun.

We set ourselves apart with our very own Vellaquin signature look.

Our artwork is always fun, fresh and punchy, we dream up exciting new looks that are reflect the modern Australian style of living.

Vellaquin are original game changers with our colourful mix and match Jungalow range and cleverly designed adult decal range.

Our goal is to get you excited about the space you are living in, show you how to make the most of your room and help you create the happy place of your dreams!. No wall is too big or too small to make an amazing visual impact, we can help you create an entire wall mural or complete the look of your dream interior with a few clever elements.  



The Artist and founder: Julia Quinn 

With a background in fashion design, a career in Art Direction and a love of vibrant colour and fun...Vellaquin was born. It all started when I was styling my own home and wanted decor that matched my family's modern, arty, colourful style and found I couldn't get the designer look I wanted.

I set to work creating what I wanted to see in the market and knew I had something special when I launched and sold out within the first week!  

I design each new range with a passion for creating something new, and aim to bring my happiness and joy into your home.

Happiness and creativity is contagious - create yours now!


 Any questions please contact us