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Cutting your decals
Using a sharp pair of scissors to cut out the decal as close to the art work as possible. We suggest to leave white spaces as you cut out your decals to make it easier to maneuverer the artwork as you complete our installation. 

Placing your decal
Have a practice - use blue tack to place the artworks temporary so you know what you want where. If the decals are a little curled up carefully flatten them out with a few heavy books.

Installing your cut-and-stick decals
Have a water spray bottle and clean cloth ready - Spray the wall where you want to stick decal down, then place the decal on the wall and pat down with clean cloth. If there are pieces that are quite delicate it may require you to hold it for a couple of minutes, for it to stick.





Re-position your decal

After sticking down the decals, if you want to reposition the design, it’s easy for you to remove the artwork from your wall and stick down elsewhere. 
Make sure you wet your wall thoroughly by spraying using a water bottle - make sure you soak the decals as it re-activates the glue making them tacky again. Find an edge and slowly peel off wall - the wetter the wall and decal the easier it will be.

 Follow the same method used when 
installing your decal and ensure you pat down with a clean cloth