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Snakes! scaley, pretty, colourful snakes.

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

okay, okay soooo my first blog what am I going to post about!? Ummm...snakes I'm creating a new decal set that is all things reptile- YAY!

Also side note - I'm super self conscious about my writing skills i'm really all about pictures so be kind..

So I had this crazy dream about snakes and my home being in the middle of a jungle and I thought hey...why not! let's do snakey decals! I know lots of boys and few girls that love snakes and they do come in some amazing colours. It's weird isn't it? reptiles are quite often beautifully coloured but when it comes to using them on boys textiles they are always like ugly browns....and I don't do brown! Brown = frown :(.

So I'm going to take you on my creative journey!

Here is some gorgeous snakey,scaley inspo

and here is a first look at how the artwork is coming together! I don't think it's finished yet... little more to do so it feels scaly and has a bit more detail.