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Teal feels

Updated: Jan 2

So I was thinking how cool it would be to see my a new decal aka Teal feels coming to life?! and then I thought even better lets blog this bad boy from design to finished room - styled by me... and no I'm no interior designer but I really do enjoy changing up a room and making it feel fun.

YAS sounds ahmazing right!? I KNOW! So let's get started.

Step one: Think about new colour palette - I knew I wanted to go down a cool colours theme because although I love the warmer colours they are not for everyone and as the wise once said Spice. Up. Your. Life. so yeah lets do that.

Step two: Pinterest bitches! have I ever told you how much I LOOOOVE pinterest? probs not - so let me tell you..... so, so very much I actually have 160 boards... it's not an addiction it's a collection.

This is what I'm thinking - Gorgeous teals, bright blues, palmy greens and a touch of mustard

*not my images from pinterest

and this is how it's translating into my decal design - still loving the terrazzo vibes - still working on how the pattern works still looks a little boxy - can you see what I mean?

What do you think of the eyes though? I can't wait to see how they look on my wall... I'm actually thinking I might just do a smaller size decal with all different coloured eyes..

and here is a first look and the room I'm going to makeover...I like the word make over so reminds me of Clueless.. if only I got a make over from Cher - d r e a m!

As you can see I have a great room to style - lovely natural light, nice furniture (love the mustard chair)

Stay tuned! mood board to come...

Yaaaaay my first mood board! I'm thinking of summer breezes in a cool colourful space.

Here is a collection of great on trend pieces pieces!

Finished Product!

What do you think? I love how this room feels complete and anchored with the terrazzo blue decal and has a balmy summer nights vibe with the rusty moroccan bedspread (I can't get enough of that set from Adairs) I feel transported to my own little oasis.

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