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Hey Girl!

This decal set is super summery fun - sunnies, strawberries and juicy fruits! 

Comes printed on A1 sheet.

Our Cut-and-stick decals are unlike standard vinyl and plastic decals. We use premium, handmade wallpaper that feels luxurious, has no sticky back and no messy peel-off sheet. All you need is a pair of scissors to cut out the Hey Girl! set and then a spray bottle of water to adhere to the wall. Best of all they can be moved around whilst still wet ensuring picture perfect placement every time and are easy to remove so they are landlord-friendly. 


Included in the Cut-and-stick Hey Girl set 

1x Large Pinapple 40cmx17cm

1xcamera 20cmx10cm

1xIce cream 23cmx10cm

2x Ice Block 22cmx8cm

1xEye 18cmx18cm

2xSunnies 21cmx9cm

1xHey Girl speech bubble 20cmx12cm

3xSrawberries 9cmx9cm

1xPeace sign 9cmx9cm

1xLips 10cmx6cm 



Hey Girl

  • Allow three weeks drying time for all freshly painted walls.

    All our decals and machines are commercial grade with the highest quality in the industry. Our wall textiles are all matt finish so they look like they have been painted directly to your wall. 

    Depending what type of paint you have used can effect the adhesiveness of the decal. 

    All of our decals come with extra pieces for testing or replacement; please use wall test decal on newly painted walls and let it sit for 24-48hrs before installation. Some newer wall paints on the market may contain a teflon additive or stain-blocking ingredient which may cause the decal adhesive to fail. 

    This paint additive is the same ingredient that resists fingerprints, crayon, magic marker & also adhesive. This can also be a problem with VOC Free Paints or Green Seal Certified Paints. The vinyl manufacturer suggests waiting 4-6 weeks to apply decals to newly painted walls. This allows enough time for the paint to “gas out” and not cause decal to peel.

    List of common Low VOC Paints, Green Seal Certified Paints, or Stain-Blocking Paints:
    -Behr Premium Plus Enamel Low Luster
    -Benjamin Moore’s Natura®
    -Glidden Spred®.
    -GreenGuard Emerald Interior Acrylic Latex (Sherwin Williams)
    -Harmony (Sherwin Williams)


    If you are concerned that your wall surface will have issues please order a sample piece before you purchase your set.