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Jungle Tropical Greenery Set

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Cut-and-stick or Ready-to-go?
The choice is yours!

Kids love our Jungalow decals because they can mix-and-match sets and add new animals to help their Jungalow grow. Our designs are gender neutral that make great themes for any children’s bedroom/playroom - it’s your child’s jungle story brought to life.

Our cut-and-stick
decals are unlike standard vinyl and plastic decals. We use premium, handmade wallpaper that feels luxurious has no sticky back and no messy peel-off sheet. All you need is a pair of scissors to cut out the Jungalow Friends and then a spray bottle of water to adhere to the wall. Best of all they can be moved around whilst still wet ensuring picture-perfect placement every time and are easy to remove so they are landlord-friendly.  

A great practical choice for those who don’t have time to mess around. The ready-to-go Jungalow Friends come printed and pre-cut on a durable high-quality fabric. With an easy-to-peel backing, each decal can be stuck to the wall in no time. Printed on premium fabric with a matte finish and lovely texture sure to bring any room to life.

Included in the Jungalow Tropical Greenery Set

2x Hanging Vine 70cm x 4cm, 2x Hanging Plant 56cm x 16cm 6x Monstera 23cm x 23cm, 2x Purple Vines 25cm x 12cm, 4x Leaves 9cm x 5cm, 4x Leaves 14cm x 14cm 

Our premium decals are so easy to place on your walls you’ll wonder why you haven’t thought of purchasing some before. All our decals are commercial grade with the highest quality textiles that professional in the industry can use. Unlike other decals that are “single use” plastic stickers, that don’t allow for the flexibility to remove or change your wall design, our wall textiles are all matt finish so they look like they have been painted directly to your wall and can be removed and place elsewhere as you re-design your interior space.

Test your wall surface

All of our decals come with extra pieces for testing or replacement, to ensure your wall is ready to decal, please use these test prints before your final installation. Cut out the test decal prints  or peel them from sheet and stick them to your wall using the following instructions.

Allow 24-48hrs after sticking the test decals prints to your wall, to ensure the decals don’t peel away. The vinyl manufacturer suggests waiting 4-6 weeks to apply decals to newly painted walls. This allows enough time for the paint to “gas out” and not cause decal to peel.

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Customer Reviews

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Game changer for the room!

I used this with another set and it has transformed my children's room. It's so easy and fun to apply! Love it

Vanessa P
Love them!

I added these to my other decal set with the flamingo, such a perfect addition to make the wall look like we’re really in a jungle. My daughter and her friends love them, and the quality of the paper and ease of applying and removing if you want to move it is too good....I hate those sticker decals that once they’re on that’s it! These are fantastic!!!! THANK YOUUUU